a la carte Menu

Inspiration for the food and design comes from a modern interpretation of the many famous bistros that populate Paris. There has been a resurgence of interest in simple bistro cooking in Paris as locals turn away from expensive and over complicated cooking in formal restaurants to return to the basics of French cuisine

Special Offer
- Set Price 3 Course Menu
(Entrée/Main/Dessert) from our A la Carte Menu for $66.00 per person


Duck Liver Pate

green pepper corn & port jelly
$ 15.00


in the shell with garlic parsley butter.
$ 16.00

French Onion Soup

w cheese crouton
$ 15.00


deep fried, tossed in salt and pepper with garlic aioli.
$ 16.00


grilled, Cypriot cheese with olives, artichoke salad & fig glaze
$ 15.00


grilled served w sauerkraut salad
$ 15.00


light and fluffy potato gnocchi finished in Tomato, basil and herbs topped with aged parmesan & stringy mozzarella.
$ 17.00


large Canadian scallops seared & served on eggplant & red pepper relish (extra $4 if part of set menu).
$ 25.00

King Prawns*

x-large Shelled and Sizzling w roasted garlic, butter & v olive oil.
(extra $4 if part of set menu).
$ 25.00

Lamb Brains

Pan fried with lemon caper butter
$ 17.00


All mains served with complimentary steamed vegetables.

Beef Bourguignon

The classic french slow cooked beef.
$ 35.00

Pork Cutlet

Sous-vide finished w Apple & Leek Puree
$ 39.00

Coq Au Vin

boneless chicken slow cooked w bacon, onion, garlic and mushrooms in a rich red wine sauce.
$ 35.00

Lamb Shoulder (For 2)

14 hrs slow cooked, herb crusted, served w tzatziki and side of rosemary & garlic sauce (also part of 3 Course Set Menu)
$ 79.00

Atlantic Salmon

grilled served w pickled ginger & lime
$ 36.00

Wagyu Rump Steak (6+ 250gm)

grain-fed served with green pepper sauce.
$ 43.00

Duck Breast*

sous-vide & pan finished on sweet & sour cherry sauce. (extra $5 if part of set menu)
$ 45.00

Filet Mignon*

grass fed Tenderloin wrapped in bacon, served with medley of exotic mushrooms and demi sauce. (extra $5 if part of set menu).
$ 45.00

Sirloin Steak* (Pure Black Angus from Riverina) 300gm

served with truffle butter & veal glaze (extra $10 if part of set menu).
$ 49.00

Pure Black Angus Eye Fillet* (free range grass fed) (250gm)

served with veal & red wine reduction (extra $10 if part of set menu).
$ 53.00

Rib Eye on the bone * (Black Angus) 500gm

served with Port sauce (extra $10 if part of set menu)
$ 56.00


Baguette w Olive Oil

$ 4.50

Garlic Bread

$ 4.50

Green Leaf Salad, Vinaigrette

$ 8.00

Beer Battered Chips

$ 8.00

Sweet Potato Wedges

with sweet chilli sauce.
$ 10.00

Creamed Potato

with truffle butter.
$ 10.00


Crème Brulee

$ 17.00

Rich Chocolate Mousse

$ 17.00

Pistachio Panacotta

$ 17.00

Classic Creme Caramel

$ 17.00


$ 17.00

Brie and Croutons

$ 17.00

Mango Cheese Cake

$ 17.00

All cards incur a 1.17% surcharge.

Trading Hours

Dinner: (6 Days)
Tue to Sun from 6pm
Monday Closed

(Open for lunch any day for
groups of min. 12 people or more)


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Cremorne, NSW 2090
Phone: (02) 9439 3707