a la carte Menu

Inspiration for the food and design comes from a modern interpretation of the many famous bistros that populate Paris. There has been a resurgence of interest in simple bistro cooking in Paris as locals turn away from expensive and over complicated cooking in formal restaurants to return to the basics of French cuisine

 Set Menu Option available
- Choose any 3 courses (entrée, main & dessert). All three courses must be ordered at the same time.
Price is $69pp.

*items that are asterisked have an extra charge if ordered as part of set price menu.


Duck Liver Pate$18.00
green pepper corn & port jelly

Large Canadian scallops seared & served on eggplant & red pepper relish (extra $4 if part of set menu).

Steamed ½ shell NZ mussels finished with garlic butter, Tomato & chilli.

French Onion Soup$15.00

French Goat’s Cheese Herbs & Seed $18.00
With Mediterranean red cabbage, sultanas and baguette toast.

Snails in the shell (12)$18.00
in the shell with garlic parsley butter.

King Prawns*$25.00
Sizzling with roasted garlic, butter & v olive oil.
(extra $4 if part of set menu)

Calamari $18.00
deep fried, tossed in salt and pepper.


All mains served with complimentary steamed vegetables.

Coq au vin$37.00
Chicken slow cooked with bacon, onion, garlic, and mushrooms in a rich red wine sauce.

Wagyu Rump Scallops$47.00
Grain fed Wagyu beef, sous-vide then finished in champignon cream.

Filet Mignon (250gm+)*$49.00
Manning Valley Grass fed Tenderloin wrapped in bacon, served with medley of exotic mushrooms and demi sauce.
(extra $5 if part of set menu)

Pork Fillet$37.00
Sous-vide & finished w Dijon mustard cream sauce, & topped with crispy shallots & bacon.

Rack of Lamb* (Amelia Park, WA)$55.00
served with mint butter & lamb sauce. (extra $15 if part of set menu)

Lamb & Rigatoni$37.00
Slow cooked boneless lamb with Mediterranean herbs & spices topped with parsley & aged parmesan.

Atlantic Salmon$37.00
sous-vide to pink, infused w basil, lime zest & a touch of chill

Duck Breast*$47.00
Muscovy Duck from Grimaud Farms Sous-vide & pan finished, cubed cut and served in cassis, sweet & sour cherry sauce.
(extra $5 if part of set menu)

Fillet Steak$47.00
Grass-fed beef served with green pepper sauce.
(extra $5 if part of set menu)

House Speciality

Lamb Shoulder$82.00
14 hrs slow cooked (for two).
Slow cooked, herb crusted, served with tzatziki and side of rosemary & garlic sauce. (Also part of 3 Course Set Menu.)


Baguette with Olive Oil$4.50

Green Leaf Salad, Vinaigrette$8.00

Creamed Potato$10.00

with truffle butter

Garlic Bread$4.50

Beer Battered Chips$8.00

Sweet Potato Wedges$10.00
with sweet chill sauce


Vanilla Bean Pannacotta$17.00
with mixed berry compote

Crème Brulee$17.00


Lemon Meringue Tart$17.00

with croutons.

Rich Chocolate Mousse$17.00

Classic Crème Caramel$17.00

All cards incur a 2% surcharge.

Trading Hours

Lunch: Mon to Fri from 12pm
Dinner: Mon to Sat from 6pm
Sun: Private Functions only (please enquire)


118 Alexander Street
Crows Nest NSW 2065
Phone: (02) 9439 3707