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$65.00 Function Menu


French Onion Soup

Duck liver pate

green pepper corn & port jelly


in the shell with garlic parsley butter


golden fried, tossed in salt and pepper…w garlic aioli

Potato Gnocchi

tomato, basil, wine, garlic, Shallots & parmesan


grilled, Cypriot cheese with olives & artichokes salad, fig glaze

King Prawns

Shelled and Sizzling with roasted garlic, butter & v olive oil


Beef Bourguignon

The classic french slow cooked beef.

Pork Belly

Sous-vide finished w cumin & spice red wine glaze

Atlantic Salmon Fillet

Sous-vide w basil, lime & a chilli oil

Coq au vin

Boneless chicken w bacon, onion, garlic, and mushrooms in a rich red wine sauce

Filet Mignon

Grass fed Sous-vide, wrapped in bacon, served with mushroom, sauce

Wagyu Rump

steak 6+ 250 gm Sous-vide grain-fed served with green pepper sauce

All mains are served with Steamed Vegetables.


Crème Brulee

Rich Chocolate Mousse


Classic Crème Caramel


Brie, and croutons

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